Remember Kermit Gosnell the next time you eat out

The next time you eat out, you should think of the horrific murders committed by abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Why? Not because I want you to ruin your appetite.

You should think of Gosnell the next time you eat out because he performed an average of 4-5 illegal late term abortions per week–which just so happens to be the number of times per week the average American eats out.

While many are (rightly) focusing on the gruesomeness of Gosnell’s abortion murders, an underemphasized facet is their frequency. The travesty of what happened is amplified by how often it occurred.

A helpful resource to provide more details about the Gosnell murders is this article by Joe Carter.



How to avoid the two extremes in our approach to abortion

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that opened the door to on-demand abortion in the United States. This time of year serves as a good reminder to avoid two key extremes on the abortion issue as an evangelical Christian.

The first extreme is to focus so much on the issue of abortion that we forsake defending other life issues from a comprehensive worldview. Though abortion is a central issue in the cultural debate, we must never limit ourselves to simply being anti-abortion. Instead, we need to be holistically pro-life.

The second extreme is to assume that legalized abortion is such a foregone conclusion in America that it is not worth fighting for. Every life is valuable because it is made in the image of God. Therefore, we need to make decisions, especially political ones, in a way that reflects this truth.

As I mentioned last week, I’m traveling with a group from Southern Seminary to Washington DC to participate in the March for Life events remembering this 40th anniversary.

If you’re looking for a good read on rightly evaluating Roe vs. Wade in light of the gospel, see this article by Russell Moore.

Why are we taking SBTS students to Washington DC next week?

Next week I will go on the latest installation of our Southern Expeditions travel courses. Next stop? Washington DC. Why are we taking a large group of seminary students and friends to the nation’s Capitol? There are several reasons for going:

  • First, we want to teach our students to care about life. We are going in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. We will participate in events surrounding the March for Life.
  • Second, we want to teach our students to care about politics. No, we aren’t seeking to create political pundits. Instead, we want to pull back the veil on what happens in Washington so that they are better able to lead in their ministry context.
  • Third, we want to teach our students to care about culture. With trips to Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian museum, and many monuments throughout DC, we can expose students to historical and cultural artifacts in a way that helps them with cultural engagement in the future.
  • Fourth, we want to teach students to care about the church. While we are in DC, we will visit with pastors and other evangelical leaders who will be a blessing and encouragement to our students as they prepare for ministry.
  • Southern Expeditions exist to expose students, alumni, and friends of Southern Seminary to on-site learning at some of the key locations around the world. The next trip is this May to New England. You should join us!

    Louie Giglio and the Litmus Test of the Left

    The ongoing controversy over Louie Giglio’s participation in President Obama’s inauguration reveals a litmus test of the left: the issue of homosexuality. Albert Mohler highlights this development in his excellent article The Giglio Imbroglio in which he states:

    The imbroglio over Louie Giglio is the clearest evidence of the new Moral McCarthyism of our sexually “tolerant” age. During the infamous McCarthy hearings, witnesses would be asked, “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”

    In the version now to be employed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the question will be: “Are you now or have you ever been one who believes that homosexuality (or bisexuality, or transsexualism, etc.) is anything less than morally acceptable and worthy of celebration?”

    Here’s my question: Why is it that the left can criticize conservatives for using abortion as a litmus test but then do the exact same thing with the litmus test of homosexuality?

    How often does Planned Parenthood perform an abortion? Every 94 seconds

    How often does Planned Parenthood perform an abortion? Every 94 seconds, according to their 2011 annual report. That’s 333,964 babies killed in one year. So, in the time it takes you to read this blog post and then pause and pray for God to end legalized abortion in America, another precious life will be lost.

    Meanwhile, the New York Times recently ran an article on the rise of Crisis Pregnancy Centers that highlights their proliferation and impact on the pro-life movement (HT: Albert Mohler’s The Briefing):

    Pregnancy centers, while not new, now number about 2,500, compared with about 1,800 abortion providers. Ms. Maxon estimated that the centers see about a million clients annually, with another million attending abstinence and other programs.

    With the upcoming 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, expect the topic of abortion to be front and center in the news. I will be in Washington DC with a group of Southern Seminary students in which we will participate in the March for Life during this anniversary week.