The Trinitarian nature of systematic theology

Today in my systematic theology class, we will focus on the doctrine of the Trinity. The trinity–the idea that God is both three and one–is a central doctrine of the Christian faith. In fact, it is so important that all of systematic theology must be done through a trinitarian lens.

For example, think about the trinitarian nature of these doctrines:

  • The doctrine of God is trinitarian – This one may seem obvious, but you can’t understand a Christian view of God apart from the trinity
  • The doctrine of creation is trinitarian – At separate points, Scripture attributes creation to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • The doctrine of providence is trinitarian – The Bible attributes God’s providential care of the world at various times to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • The doctrine of humanity is trinitarian – Humanity is made in the image of God the father, reflects Christ who is the perfect image of God, and manifests the fruit of the Spirit
  • The doctrine of salvation is trinitarian – The Father initiates salvation, the Son accomplishes salvation, and the Spirit applies salvation

The trinity can be hard to fathom. But understanding the trinitarian nature of God helps us to recognize the trinitarian nature of theology.


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