How does biblical theology relate to missions?

Just in time for Southern Seminary’s Global Evangelism Week, The Gospel Coalition has a feature piece interviewing Billy Graham School Dean Zane Pratt about missions and the course he will offer on it in conjunction with the TGC National Conference. The interview is a great read.

One particular piece worth drawing special attention to is Pratt’s observation about the relationship between biblical theology and missions. How are the two connected?

Our approach to the study of missions is first and foremost biblical. We aim to root missiology in the grand narrative of Scripture and to see it as a pervasive and controlling theme of biblical theology. We also seek to derive missionary practice from what we believe God’s Word teaches, as articulated in scriptural systematic theology.

The Bible’s big picture tells the story of the coming kingdom of Christ. As heralds of the king, the church is called to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom to all people so that they might submit to the righteous reign of the warrior king.

Theology drives mission. And only biblical theology can drive biblical missions. The Story of the Scriptures shapes the story of our mission.


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