Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Closes: The End of an Era

It’s a sad day in Louisville: the legendary Lynn’s paradise cafe closed down (HT: @drmoore). Why did the restaurant close? There was an ongoing labor controversy that led to the owner deciding to shut the place down.

What are your favorite memories of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe? Here are my top three:

1. Our maiden voyage – Cami and I visited Lynn’s on our first trip to Louisville while we checked out Southern Seminary. Their food may have been a factor in luring us away from the lone star state as we enjoyed it during Preview Day.

2. The Presidential Primary – On the day of the 2008 presidential primary, we happened to be eating in their with my mom when Bill and Hillary Clinton waltzed into the dining establishment for lunch and a photo opp. We spoke with both and were in some media pictures because we were the first table when you entered the dining room

3. Hosting friends and family over the year – This is a catch all top 3 memory. I can’t begin to count how many friends and family we’ve taken there to enjoy the food and the atmosphere. If you were a first time visitor to Louisville, chances are that we made a sojourn there.

Our friends referred to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe as the “Hippie Cracker Barrel.” Just like the hippie movement, the restaurant itself has come to an end. It’s a sad day for Louisville foodies!


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