The planning of God and your plans for 2013

Are you starting 2013 with a plan? John Piper has a helpful article encouraging us all to be good stewards who plan as we image a God who is a master planner:

The ultimate reason for planning is that God is a God who plans and we are created in his image to exercise dominion in the earth under his lordship.

As we enter 2013, many people’s plans will show up as new year’s resolutions. Instead, I am embracing an idea from this Harvard Business Review article. Rather than set goals via resolutions, the article recommends doing it through “areas of focus.”

In other words, an area of focus offers all the advantages of a goal without the negative side effects.

How do you do it? It’s simple: identify the things you want to spend your time doing — or the things that you and your manager decide are the most valuable use of your time — and spend your time doing those things. The rest takes care of itself. I have found that five major things are about the limit before your efforts get diluted.

I have identified specific areas of focus for 2013 in the broader categories of:

  • spiritual life
  • Family life
  • Church life
  • Work life
  • Social life
  • What are your areas of focus for 2013? If you can’t answer that question, then you should put it on the top of your priority list for 2013.


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