Why I Want My Sons to Be Like Drew Brees, Not Tim Tebow

Would you rather have your sons grow up to be like Drew Brees or Tim Tebow? That’s the question rolling around my mind today after watching Brees shatter Dan Marino’s NfL single season passing yards record last night.

As the father of three boys, there are a few reasons I want my sons to end up like Drew Brees, not Tim Tebow:

Underdog vs. Top Dog: Coming out of high school, everyone wanted Tim Tebow, nobody wanted Drew Brees. Brees only had two scholarship offers, none from in-state power programs (despite the fact he grew up an Aggie fan and reached out to the A&M coaching staff; Aggies are still in denial). Brees was too small. Brees was too much of an injury risk (after blowing out his knee during his junior year).

But the underdog ended up as the top dog, and this is what I want my boys to relentlessly pursue. Brees led Purdue to the Rose Bowl. He led the Saints to an NFL title. He broke Marino’s passing record. Brees made the impossible a reality. Regardless of what career path the Lord leads my boys on, I long for them to be shaped more by the power of the Spirit than the perspective of the age.

15 Seasons of Consistency vs. 15 Minutes of Fame: Though the Tebow experiment isn’t over, I doubt it will be much more than 15 minutes of NFL fame. Brees, on the other hand, has continued to defy expectations and keeps putting up season after season of incredible numbers. While the big splash often gets more attention, a consistent series of ripples in the water can have a greater long-term impact.

“There’s so many people that are a part of this. It’s not about me. It’s about this team, it’s about this city, it’s about these fans,” said Brees. His consistency both on and off the field has enabled him to transform the lackluster Saints and impact the New Orleans community. I want my sons to reflect this same consistency in their spiritual and professional life.

The people I know who know Drew Brees speak highly of his character and his Christian faith. That is no doubt true for Tebow as well. So, at the end of the day, it would be a joy for my sons to embrace the same Christian fortitude that both men reflect. But, on the day after Brees’s record-smashing game, I can’t help but be struck by how the Christian faith is reflected by the underdog who shows consistency.


2 thoughts on “Why I Want My Sons to Be Like Drew Brees, Not Tim Tebow

  1. I guess an underdog wouldn’t be characterized by a baby born after his parents were told that an abortion was imminent? An underdog wouldn’t be characterized by a young man who is told at every level that he is not designed to be a quarterback? It’s not that I disagree with your entire concept here, it is that there are incredible qualities of both young men and I wouldn’t discount the incredible attributes of one for the sake of the other. Take the BEST of both young men and hope your boys will emulate them. Read Tebow’s book “Through My Eyes”. Follow his Tebow Foundation and what they are doing, especially for terminally ill children. Tebow never asked for cameras to follow him on mission trips or to prisons. I am looking forward to reading Drew’s book and learning more about him. My hope is that when both men face the Lord on Judgement Day, He will say “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

    NOW pick your mouth up off the ground that I ACTUALLY READ A BLOG. LOL

  2. Not sure why you feel like you have to choose. If both these men truly love Christ, I can imagine being happy that my son grew up to be like either/both of them.

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