Luke 10:1-24

I recently had the opportunity to preach in my Sunday School class at 9th and O Baptist Church. You can listen to the sermon by following the link below. Here is a write-up about the message by my friend Jed:

If you weren’t able to attend the Dean’s Class this past Sunday, you missed out on a phenomenal message from Phillip Bethancourt. With clarity and conviction, Phillip took his listeners from the pumpkin patches of Huber Farm to the wheat fields of Israel. He preached about praying for laborers, childlike faith, and Satan falling like lightning from heaven. He preached about truths that kings and prophets longed to see and hear. He preached Christ.

Hopefully, as Phillip helps you get in touch with your agrarian roots, you’ll see and savor the Lord of the Harvest. You can listen to the message by following the link below:

Luke 10:1-24 

To listen to audio from other guest preachers in the Dean’s Class, click here.


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