The New Fill Up

Welcome to the new site for Fill Up. Same Blog, new location. I want to draw your attention to several new features at this site:

  • In the News — This is the new feature I am most excited about. At the top of the right sidebar, you will find a second blog that offers links to interesting articles on Christianity, politics and culture. Simply click on a link to go to the original article. This mini-blog offers its own RSS feed that you can subscribe to.
  • Dean’s Class — I contribute regularly to our Sunday school class blog at You can see the headlines of all the latest posts at in the sidebar to the right.
  •  Subscription — You can subscribe to the content of the site through your RSS reader. Or you can sign up by email and receive a notification in your inbox whenever new content is posted to the site. Both of these options can be found on the right sidebar.

2 thoughts on “The New Fill Up

  1. That is amazing! How did you post this on the 12th when it is 10:38 on the 11th of September?! I have to have find out how to do this!

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