Who’s Your Google Twin?

Do you have a google twin? Maybe you do and don’t even know it. A google twin is someone who shares your same exact name so that you are in ‘competition’ for cyber-significance when your name is searched for on google. The Sacramento Bee describes one girl realizing she has a google twin this way:

She had discovered her Google Twin — that person who shares her name and her Google entry, and with whom she is saddled in the annals of Internet history like siblings forced to share a room.

Come to find out, I have a google twin. He is a fictional character in a novel by Cassandra Chan who plays the role of a wealthy man about town in London who dates a model and helps his friend who works for Scotland Yard crack criminal cases.

Since my name is so unusual, I was curious how an author might have picked up on the name. So, I did some investigating myself, and according to the author’s bio page on Amazon, she was raised in Connecticut–where I lived for six years. Possible connection? Perhaps.

According to the article, most people respond with frustration at the discovery of a google twin. Their pride is tarnished when they discover that someone sharing the same name is more significant in the eyes of the cyberworld.

This is the same response of jealousy that has been taking place since the days of Adam and Eve. This is the same response of pride that caused David to number his troops. This is the same response of arrogance that is regarded by Solomon as vanity of vanities.

Yet, it continues today. The packaging may look different, but the content remains unchanged–a hearty slice of pride with a side of jealousy drizzled with covetousness. The taste is still just as sweet to our fallen natures as it was to Adam and Eve in the garden.

So, who is your google twin?


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