Texas Invades Kentucky

No, Texas has not seceded from the union and engaged in a sneak attack on Kentucky’s own Ft. Knox. Instead, Texas culture is invading Kentucky this week in two distinct ways.

First, Texas A&M’s men’s basketball team is headed to Lexington Kentucky for the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. As soon as it was announced, Cami and I purchased our tickets for the games. We are counting on A&M crushing Penn in the first round and then beating University of Louisville so we have some grounds for trash talking here for the rest of the year.

Second, the long awaited debut of Blue Bell ice cream is now here. Today was opening day for the best ice cream in the world to hit Kentuckiana. We had to visit three Krogers before finding one that had already been stocked. At Kroger #1, we angered the stocker of Eddy’s ice cream when we asked her if she knew if Blue Bell was coming. The conversation was like this:

Me: You going to be stocking any Blue Bell today?

Stocky Eddy’s stocker: I’m offended! I work for Eddy’s.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry. (I guess the shopping cart full of Eddy’s should have tipped me off, but I had a one track mind at this point)

Stocky Eddy’s stocker: Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m just kidding. My sister actually just started working as a stocker for Blue Bell. I think they already have stocked it at the Kroger at Stonybrook.

Me: You’re not mad at your sister for going to work for the competition?

Stocky Eddy’s stocker: No, I don’t care at all.

As we walked to the parking lot, Cami and I joked about how she might have just given us a false lead since she was stocking shelves for the competition. But, we took her apathetic responses as a sign of hope and headed off to the Kroger she mentioned.

On the way, we received a phone call from our friend Lee Wilson confirming a Blue Bell truck sighting at a Downtown Kroger. So, our hopes were encouraged.

We arrived and searched the shelves. Did we find any Blue Bell? No! We were foiled by the Stocky Stocker and her bad lead. We went to the front counter to ask them when they were getting Blue Bell at this store…not until Thursday. Foiled again!

We decided to visit one more Kroger, and after a few wrong turns, we arrived. This frozen foods section looked just like all the others until we reached the end of the aisle. Then, there it was–our first sighting of Blue Bell in the Bluegrass state. It was only three shelves and the selection was limited. Cami was disappointed that there was no Moolenium crunch. However, they had plenty of Cookies n’ Cream.

We grabbed our half gallon (which appeared to be the first half gallon of Blue Bell purchased at this Kroger) and headed for the register without noticing the price. When we rung it up, it was a whopping $5.75! I guess they must have bumped up the price for shipping charges.

The first bowl at lunch reminded me of what we had been missing and made me forget about the cost. At dinner with all of our Texas friends tonight, everyone is supposed to bring their own favorite flavor. Can’t wait!

Here’s to much more Texas culture invading Kentucky.


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