Baptist Identity Conference

Union University is hosting the Baptist Identity Conference this weekend. The event bills itself as ‘the most significant conference you could attend in 2007.’ The purpose of the conference is to bring people together to consider Baptist identity with some of the denomination’s top leaders and thinkers. I am looking forward to attending.

I am really interested to see if what, if anything, this conference will accomplish for Baptist identity. There are several challenges that it will face to achieving anything significant:

1. There will be a limited number of people there.
2. There is a short time period for the conference.
3. There is a variety of people attending with a variety of agendas.

With those challenges before us, I am still hopeful that a conference like this may sow the seeds for continued progress in clarifying and building a cohesive Baptist identity. Is the Southern Baptist Convention having an identity crisis? I don’t know.

But those who are much more experienced than me seem to think that this an issue worth discussing. So, I will be there seeking to understand this denomination more as we seek to honor Christ more.


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