Holiday Bowl Road Trip Canceled?

My friends and I were all pumped up to pile in the rental car for the 2,000+ round-trip drive to San Diego, CA to watch Texas A&M play Cal in the Holiday Bowl on December 28th.

So, you can understand my shock when, according to ESPN’s Desmond Howard, I was informed Tuesday night on live TV that it is no longer my beloved Aggies who will be playing in the game, but our archrival the Texas Longhorns. Are there any Longhorns who need a ticket?

Here’s the video evidence:

Now, announcers make mistakes on a regular basis. That is one of the dangers of live television. However, the TexAgs blog points out some important facts about this blunder:

Mr. Howard is paid by ESPN for his “insight” and “expert analysis” on college football. Tonight he was asked to pick ANY bowl game and speak about it for maybe 15 seconds. He could have picked the Rose Bowl, which will feature USC and Michigan (his alma mater), and I am sure he would have had plenty to say about that one. In fact, he could have picked any of 31 remaining bowl match-ups, but instead he picks one that he knows nothing about……scratch that….he didn’t pick a match-up at all. He simply made one up, and then proceeded to break down the game as if it were ready to be played tomorrow.

Update: The Houston Chronicle ran an article on the subject entitled, Howard Sorry for Texas-Sized Mistake. According to the article:

During the Hot Seat segment of the 5 p.m. SportsCenter on Wednesday, Howard said: “I apologize to the Aggies and the Longhorns,” adding that he knew fans of both schools could cite their bowl opponent without his help. Texas plays Iowa in the Alamo Bowl next week.

However, he said he still picks Cal, which was crushed by Texas Tech two years ago in the Holiday Bowl, to beat the Aggies.

I accept his apology but not his analysis of the winner.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Bowl Road Trip Canceled?

  1. did anyone on the set not say anything? they should have called him out on national tv right there as he made the mistake. I guess they are a little classier than I am.


  2. phil…your humor runs too deep for me…

    i’m running the comp on dial-up over the break, and so i could load up the video before my heart jumped in my throat, thinking that you were being serious…agh!

    i owe you a dead-arm for this one…or maybe worse…

  3. Tim, there was no response on the set. That was the craziest part about it. I would have called him out to.

    Hank, sorry for the stress! ha. Maybe a good christmas gift would be to upgrade from dialup.

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