College Football: Going Bowling

College football bowl season begins tonight, and Pure Church offers a humorous post as he bemoans the litany of ridiculous bowl names. For instance:

Because they really can’t accept they’re a part of the United States: The Texas Bowl.

Because they wish they were as large and proud as Texas: The New Mexico Bowl.

Because their map of the globe really only includes the United States: The International Bowl, featuring teams from Kalamazoo, MI and Cincinnati, OH.

What solution does he recommend?

This is just ridiculous. Bring on the tournament system. Crown a real champion! And do it quick before a group of Christians are offended or feel left out and create the “Gospel Bowl” featuring teams with the most celebrity Christian coaches, players and alumni… but very little gospel.

I enjoy the bowl season just as much as the next guy. But I can’t help but agree that the abundance of minor league bowls dilutes the value of the concept.

When you are forced to endure 3 weeks of mediocrity before getting to the good stuff, it compromises the significance of the big games.

I share a similar concern with Christianity–that preaching and teaching have been so watered down with peripheral issues (7 steps to a better life, financial freedom God’s way, etc.) that we have compromised the significance of the big issue–the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is there something wrong with talking about how to have a better life or better finances? Maybe. If it is not anchored in the gospel and governed by scripture’s clear directives, then it is out of step.

Let’s not get so focused on what it means to be ‘missional’ that we lose sight of who the mission is all about–Christ.


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