In the News: 12/3/06

Pastors no masters of cultural coolness Gap reflects effort to know world, but not be worldly.

No more haggling: Grad student website tracks shared expenses. The social-networking site with a personal-finance focus allows users to form groups of friends or housemates and track who owes what for utility bills, dinner tabs, day trips and other shared expenses.

Gender pay gap narrows — for unexpected reasons The disparity’s decrease isn’t because women are making great strides but because men’s wages are eroding, data show.

Tech Firms Target Fashionistas Girl-techies now outspending male peers, stoking the market for devices with a feminine sensibility.

Police: Teen who hit SUV with eggs slain A 14-year-old boy who was throwing eggs at cars along with two other teenagers was shot and killed by someone who had been in a sport-utility vehicle that was hit, police said.

War widow dedicates Wiccan plaque symbol The widow of a soldier killed in Afghanistan saw a Wiccan symbol placed on a memorial plaque for her husband Saturday.

Arkansas begins faith-based inmate programArkansas correction officials are dedicating a Bible-based program for female prisoners, but a national group said it’s a risky move.

Reality check for stem cell optimism The research, stalled by legal challenges, offers no guarantees of cures, California institute scientists say as they outline more modest goals.

Clueless In Seattle By George F. Will SEATTLE — This city’s school district decided in 2000 that because the son of Jill Kurfirst and the daughter of Winnie Bachwitz are white, they should be assigned to an inferior and distant high school. If they had not left the Seattle school system, this would have required them to rise at 5 a.m. in order to leave home by 5:30 a.m., alone and in the dark, to take the first of three buses, returning home between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., with almost no time left for homework, family activities and adequate sleep.

Supreme Court to Review Two School-Integration Plans Louisville Mayor Jerry E. Abramson is not sure whether it qualifies as irony or not.

Journalism School Probes Possible Cheating on Ethics Exam NEW YORK — It was an ethics exam in a journalism class, and someone may have cheated.

Imperfections Meet Prayer in the Fairfax Jail The worship service begins with a hug for each of the women who file into the unadorned classroom. The small, grandmotherly worship leader’s hugs are quickly, if a little clumsily, accepted, as if the women haven’t been hugged in a while.

One Copy: Free. 10,000? Priceless. What is being called an “ill-conceived prank” by its members has caused more problems for a fraternity already in hot water for breaking the rules at the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina. Members of Sigma Chi thought that taking more than 10,000 copies of the school’s newspaper was just a prank.

Editorial: Protecting elders It’s a sad reality that thousands upon thousands of senior Americans, many of them disabled, need special care that they can’t get — or don’t get — at home or with family. For these elders, a residential care facility provides essential housing. As our society ages, these facilities are in great demand and short supply.

Gay-rights activists hopeful about agenda’s new prospects WASHINGTON — The gay-rights movement suffered a setback in last month’s midterm election when seven states passed initiatives banning same-sex marriage or domestic partnerships. But with Democrats about to take control of Congress, some of its other legislative goals appear within reach — including making violence against gays a hate crime and outlawing workplace discrimination.

There’s little to like about hate-crime laws Tacking on extra penalties for crimes motivated by bias amounts to policing what you think, not what you do.

City of angels, and Pentecostals too The latest American religious movement had its genesis just outside the borders of Little Tokyo.


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