In the News: 11/28/06

At National Airport, Prayers Against Profiling Imams, ministers and a rabbi staged a pray-in yesterday at Reagan National Airport and demanded an apology from US Airways for barring six Muslim clerics from a Minneapolis-to-Phoenix flight last week.

Hello, Cellphone? YouTube Calling Internet video service YouTube is going mobile for the first time, launching a television-like channel featuring its most popular videos on Verizon Wireless cellphones.

Court Won’t Take School Vouchers Case WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court decided Monday not to plunge into the issue of school choice, passing up a dispute over a Maine law that bars the use of public funds to send students to private religious schools.

Missing the Big Picture We’re supposed to be excited that our mobile phones are getting to be more and more like mobile TVs, thanks to developments like Verizon Wireless’s just-announced deal to bring YouTube videos to its V Cast service. Forgive me if I’m less than thrilled.

Total Abortion Ban Spurs Critics In Nicaragua, there are no exceptions for rape, malformation of the fetus or risk to the mother.

Some Opt to Go ‘Child-Free’ Growing number of women who are not mothers do not fit into any of society’s convenient boxes. According to 2004 U.S. Census Bureau data, the proportion of childless women 15 to 44 years old was 44.6 percent, up from 35 percent in 1976. The higher a woman’s income, I learned from another study, the less likely she is to have children: Nearly half of women with annual incomes over $100,000 are childless.

Beyond Same-Sex Marriage Can Mitt Romney spur a broader debate over marriage?

Activists urge boycott of the ‘N-word’ Black leaders mount campaign over Michael Richards’ comments. But others say banning the word goes too far.

NBC to use ‘civil war’ to describe Iraq It’s the first TV network to adopt the term. Bush has fought its use.

Muslim students in Rome see learning as a two-way street As they study Christianity, they find themselves ambassadors of Islam.

Nat Hentoff: When do we become human beings? Overlooked in the wake of the midterm elections and the Supreme Court oral arguments on partial-birth abortion is a South Dakota abortion case in the federal courts that casts a sharp shaft of light on the national abortion debate.

Laws prohibit smoking around children Anti-tobacco forces are opening a new front in the war against smoking by banning it in private places such as homes and cars.

Pope arrives in Turkey, appeals for solidarity between cultures Pope Benedict XVI said Tuesday that Turkey is a bridge between religions and he appealed for solidarity between cultures.

Sen. Brownback leaves judicial nominee in limbo over gay marriage issue A conservative Republican lawmaker is considering whether to stop blocking a judicial nominee over concerns her appearance at a lesbian commitment ceremony betrayed her legal views on gay marriage.

Civil War in Iraq Near, Annan Says The Iraq Study Group began two days of intensive behind-closed-doors deliberations yesterday as the White House conceded that Iraq has moved into a dangerous new phase of warfare requiring changes in strategy.

Can the GOP Find Its Center? “The center does not try to read anybody out of the party,” the experienced Republican politician declared. “But the farther you go in either direction, the greater the inclination to read others out.” He deplored party purges as “political cannibalism” and insisted: “The center must lead.”

Hateful Words — and Signs of Hope I’d like to say a good word about Michael Richards. And before you jump to any conclusions, Mel Gibson, too. As long as I’m at it, why not throw in Sen. George Allen? I’m sure I’ve overlooked others who have recently waxed bigotedly, but these three will do. This is what I have to say: Thank you.

Quebecers now a `nation’ TORONTO — Parliament recognized the people of Quebec as a nation within a united Canada on Monday, a symbolic gesture that has prompted a Cabinet resignation and ignited concerns over a renewed push for the French-speaking province’s independence.

Smoking and Pregnancy For pregnant women and their children, smoking is a real drag.


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