In the News: 11/26/06

Survey: Teens Use E-Mail Less Than Anyone Else It’s all about instant messaging and MySpace for the high-school set, at least when it comes to communicating with their friends.

Long Stints in Iraq Fracture Families The rotations — a year in Iraq followed by a year at home — dictate soldiers’ most intimate decisions: They mandate when troops can marry and have children. They sever relationships that cannot sustain the stress of absence or danger. And they lead some couples to pray for the war to end.

John Lennon’s widow calls for healing John Lennon’s widow is calling for the anniversary of his death to become a day of worldwide healing.

Rev. Jackson says Richards could use radio appearance to apologize Michael Richards will appear on the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s nationally syndicated radio program to discuss his racist rant at a Los Angeles comedy club, the civil rights leader said Saturday.

‘Sho’ Nuff Nativity’ brings Christmas story home Though different accounts may tell the Nativity story in different ways, two truths remain, according to jeff obafemi carr: The fact that Christ was born, and the fact that it was “the biggest deal in mankind’s history.”

Gay couple awaits adoption ruling from U.S. court The Seattle men’s quest for their child’s birth certificate in Oklahoma highlights how states’ rules conflict.

From fakery to comfort in MySpace A journey through different social networking websites reaches both its peak of excitement and sudden decline at MySpace.

School Bus Injuries Send 17,000 U.S. Children to Hospitals Yearly New data shows school bus-related accidents send 17,000 U.S. children to emergency rooms yearly, more than double previous estimates.

Report: College Tuition Fees Rise But Not Financial Aid College prices have increased more than 6 percent at four-year public colleges, according to a report issued Tuesday, but financial aid is not keeping up.

World’s Fastest Text Messager Loses to Voice Recognition Eighteen-year-old with fastest texter title loses out to voice recongition system.


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