In the News: 11/23/06

Record Number of American Kids Born to Single Parents Out-of-wedlock births in the United States have climbed to an all-time high, accounting for nearly four in 10 babies born last year, government health officials said Tuesday.

R.I. Court Torn Over Whether It Can Divorce Lesbian Couple PROVIDENCE, R.I., Nov. 22 — Two lesbians married in Massachusetts have filed for divorce in Rhode Island, setting up a legal conundrum for judges in a state where the laws are silent on the legality of same-sex marriage.

Need Turkey-Cooking Advice? USDA Has ‘Moms’ Standing By The eight people sitting on the basement level of a Beltsville complex are talking turkey all day long. Sometimes, they are called the moms of the federal government.

Thankful From the Beginning “Twas founded be th’ Puritans to give thanks f’r bein’ presarved fr’m th’ Indyans, an’ . . . we keep it to give thanks we are presarved fr’m th’ Puritans.”

The Consummate American Holiday How, then, do we reconcile matters when that same government, one pledged to defend the rights of nonbelievers, engages in essentially religious activity — the offering of prayers in legislative sessions; the employment, at public expense, of military chaplains; or, to bring things back to Lincoln’s proclamation, the appointment of days of Thanksgiving on explicitly religious grounds? Chiefly by noting that Jefferson’s wall metaphor — one that the Supreme Court picked up again in the middle of the 20th century — is between church and state, not between religion and politics.

The Stuff of Democratic Life Lincoln, Gettysburg and Thanksgiving.

O.J. says advance spent as book removed from eBay LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – O.J. Simpson’s scuttled book about the murder of his ex-wife attracted hot but brief bidding on eBay before being removed on Wednesday, while the former football star laughingly said he had been paid and had spent his advance.

Why Simpson ‘Did It’ O.J. Simpson told The Associated Press he did the controversial If I Did It book for only one reason — personal profit, acknowledging that any financial gain was “blood money.”

‘Kramer’ apologizes, hires crisis expert
First he went on national television to apologize for his racial tirade against two black hecklers. Now Michael Richards is taking his contriteness to the next level: he’s hired a public relations expert with deep contacts in the black community.

New study suggests boomers fed up with TV’s focus on youth Americans born between 1946 and 1964 are accustomed to being catered to, but that’s not the case with much of television today. Now there’s some new evidence that they’re finding this mighty irritating.

Three networks ask court to halt FCC crackdown Fox calls the agency’s steps against indecency a radical expansion of the rules. The case could go to the Supreme Court.

High school pulls newspaper over racist opinion piece Carson High School pulled this month’s school newspaper because of an anonymous article that likened rowdy black students at a nearby Taco Bell to “a pack of monkeys.”

Jonah Goldberg: The tradition of common sense There are good, practical reasons to listen to Mom and Dad — and ignore Madonna.

Web Pornographer Sentenced to Life in Prison in China The creator of China’s largest pornographic Web site was ordered imprisoned for life Wednesday, state media reported.

Dutch Voters Favor Prime Minister’s Christian Democrats THE HAGUE, Nov. 23 — Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende’s right-of-center Christian Democratic Appeal party, which has led efforts to curtail Muslim immigration at a time of growing xenophobia in the Netherlands, won the most seats in parliamentary elections Wednesday.


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