What’s Up With Guys Wearing Girl Jeans?

Guys Wearing Girl Jeans

For the first time in a long time, Cami and I went to the movies this weekend. As we pulled into the parking lot, we got one of our first up close glimpses at a new phenomenon we had only previously heard about: guys wearing girl’s jeans.

I was curious about whether this trend was localized to teen movie-goers in Louisville or if it had gained a wider appeal throughout the culture. So, I did some investigating and here is what I uncovered:

People Magazine reports on celebrities embracing the trend of males wearing tight (and often girl) pants or jeans. The list of celebs doing this is growing daily and one of the trendsetters is actor turned goth-rocker, Jared Leto (as seen in the picture–remember MTV’s My So-Called Life?).

Wickipedia reports that the trend of guys wearing girl jeans is popular in the EMO music scene:

“Some fans of emo opt for tight black T-shirts, skintight girl’s jeans with a carabiner on the back belt loop, and white belts. The style is often associated with bands such as Some Girls, and Converge. Dyed black hair (often combed down over one side of the face), ear piercings, lip rings, and flesh tunnels are popular within this scene.”

What’s interesting is that this is not a new trend this year. In my research (i.e. google search), I found this article from the LSU student newspaper reporting on the trend of college males wearing female jeans in March of 2004.

According to the article, the three main reasons guys wear girl jeans are:

  1. they are comfortable
  2. they show off their figure better
  3. 3. it identifies them with a specific group of people

In fact, I was almost a tight pants trendsetter back in 2000. I asked for black dress pants that year at Christmas time. My mom bought me some from Banana Republic, and they were the tightest pants I’ve ever put on–it felt like I was wearing shrink wrap. They were promptly returned, but my brothers still give me a hard time to this day about how girly they looked on me. I almost got a pair of tight pants from my unknowing mom, but how are these guys getting their girl jeans? From what I can tell:

  • some borrow them from friends (why swap food at the lunch table when you can swap jeans?)
  • Others are borrowing them from their girlfriends (why share kisses when you can share jeans?)
  • But even more surprising is that many guys are actually buying their own pair of women’s jeans (do you have those low-rise, flare legs in a size 22?)

My personal opinion is that this is one of the most frightening fashion trends that I’ve seen in a while. It just looks so unnatural to me. The fact that fashion barriers between genders are deteriorating is just another symptom of the degeneration of gender distinctives in society as a whole. When culture has marginalized the differences between male and female so greatly, then fashion trends such as this one should come as no surprise.

So, now I need to hear from you:

  1. Have you seen teen guys wearing girl jeans?
  2. Are college guys doing this too?
  3. What do you think of it?
  4. Would you ever do it?
  5. Do people you know make fun of people who do it?
  6. And last but not least, is this really any different than wanna-be cowboys wearing skin-tight wranglers???

3 thoughts on “What’s Up With Guys Wearing Girl Jeans?

  1. Ok, I’ll defend the ‘wanna-be’ cowboys. There are two types of wrangler wearin folks: 1) cowboys and 2) just straight country. As my father falls into both categories, I only fall into one. I am not a cowboy. I know this truth not simply because I am a self-denied cowboy, BUT because I’ve actually meet a cowboy, and I miss that mark of lifestyle adherence completely. In fact, most people that wear tight-fittin wranglers aren’t cowboys either. BUT that doesn’t eliminate them completely from that sub-culture, hence the latter category of ‘country.’ they don’t ‘wanna-be’ cowboys either. It is just the group with which they identify. It has everything to do with identification, and nothing to do with masculinity. So, I contend that jeans have nothing to do with the feminization of men, just like the bottle of women’s shampoo in every married mans shower, has nothing to do with men being feminized, its just practical to share the same bottle. I see the obvious problem with the shampoo analogy, but focus on the principle, masculinity isn’t what you wear; the problem is the ‘why,’ it is the reason behind the fact, and the reason started way before the ‘act.’ You are feminine because your character fails to display biblical masculine attributes and roles. It is American culture confusing gender responsibility with roles ambiguity. It is Satan fighting hard to destroy a clear line of gender roles, not gender cloths. Or should all of us wear one pair of plaid unwashed north face gear, with beards grown out that put bird nests to shame? The definition of masculinity shouldn’t be defined with identification, because what is considered masculine attire to one man, isn’t to the next. Mohler shouldn’t be caught dead, and probably wouldn’t in full mountain man gear. The problem begins with not teaching your son leadership, responsibility, the fear of the Lord, honor, fairness, humility, discipline, and to respectfully love the opposite sex. Can a man be a man of these attributes and wear girl jeans? Yes, and I know a few. And can a man be country, instead of a wannabe cowboy while wearin tight jeans? Yes, and I do.

  2. Kyle, contrary to the rumors and your faulty memory, I did not get a pair of thong underwear that Christmas.

    Will, I like your thoughts. I think you are right on the money with the fact that people do the wranglers and the girly pants to identify with a specific group. my problem is that, while I understand why country folks would wear the wranglers, I don’t understand why men would wear women’s pants. You are also right about the fact that this is a symptom of a deeper problem with masculinity in some men. I am not as troubled with the idea of guys wearing tight pants in general as I am with the idea of them wearing pants that are specifically billed as female.

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