In the News: 11/18/06

Survey: Women Would Prefer Botox Over Trip to Paris Given the choice, most U.S. women would choose plastic surgery or Botox over a trip to Paris.

Dutch government proposes a ban on wearing burqas in public The Dutch government, facing re-election next week, said Friday it plans to draw up legislation “as soon as possible” banning the head-to-toe garment known as burqas and other clothing that covers the entire face in public places.

Larry King Admits He’s Never Searched the Internet Google, Yahoo!, MySpace, YouTube, Wikipedia: it’s all gobbledygook to the “King of Talk,” who admitted Tuesday he’s never searched the Internet.

Pentagon Changes Listing of Homosexuality as Mental Illness The Pentagon no longer classifies homosexuality as a personality disorder, but mental health professionals still disagree with military policy.

Men’s Health: Go to School, Get Married and Live Longer! A recent study published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that educated, married men appear to live longer than their unmarried and less educated counterparts.

2 Moms to Be on Baby’s Birth Certificate After N.J. Ruling Two women will be listed as parents on a baby’s birth certificate in New Jersey after a state Supreme Court ruling gave same-sex couples access to the same rights as married couples.

FDA Ends Ban on Silicone Implants The Food and Drug Administration ended its 14-year ban on the cosmetic use of silicone breast implants yesterday, despite lingering safety concerns from some health advocates.

MySpace Sued Over Music Copyright Claims Popular social-networking Web site MySpace was slapped with its first copyright-infringement lawsuit yesterday, by Universal Music Group, alleging that the site enables “rampant” unauthorized copying and distribution of its artists’ songs and videos.

Outrage Reaches Boil Over O.J. Media companies that own Fox stations mull whether to run or preempt upcoming interview.

The McCain Gambit If you had to pick the single most unpopular stance a presidential contender could take right now, other than praising Fox’s appalling new O.J. interview, what would it be? My nomination: sending more troops to Iraq. And yet that’s precisely what John McCain has done in the wake of an election in which the voters essentially repudiated the administration’s Iraq policy and put Democrats in charge.

Simpson publisher says why she did it Under a barrage of criticism, Judith Regan says she published O.J. Simpson’s book If I Did It because she was a victim of domestic violence and thought the proceeds would go to Simpson’s children.


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