In the News: 11/10/06

Growth of PDA injuries a concern for companiesEmployment lawyers are warning companies they could face liability or workers’ compensation claims related to employee injuries from use of PDA’s such as ‘Blackberry thumb’.

Jerusalem balks at gay pride JERUSALEM — Jerusalem’s lesbian and gay community has unintentionally succeeded in doing something that has eluded the world’s greatest thinkers: uniting the three major monotheistic religions.

Microsoft Music Player To Share the Wealth It’s still unclear whether Microsoft’s new Zune music player, scheduled for release Tuesday, will make a dent in Apple’s hold on the digital music market. But already, it’s shaking up the music-download business model more than any other competitor.

Biggest election season winner? Stephen Colbert Every incumbent candidate the faux-newsman interviewed in his notorious “Better Know a District” segment was reelected.

‘Nativity’ to premiere at the Vatican New Line Cinema’s upcoming film, “The Nativity Story” about the days leading up to Jesus’ birth will have its worldwide premiere at the Vatican, according to people familiar with the plans.

Riding tide, 1st Democrat declares presidential bid Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa is the party’s only formally announced candidate for 2008

Mass. lawmakers sidestep gay marriage issue BOSTON — Massachusetts lawmakers Thursday again avoided taking a formal stand on a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage, recessing a constitutional convention instead of taking up the issue.

Gates’ views not easy to discern Bush’s Defense nominee has seemed alternately hawkish and moderate, leaving questions about his approach to Iraq.

Civil unions bill passed in Mexico City Mayor is expected to sign the measure giving new rights to gays.

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Smack-down for Ms., Title IX Most of us have been so distracted by real (and “real”) news — madmen with bombs (or the desire for them), elections, Madonna’s adoption — that we haven’t had time to notice a milestone cultural event. At last, this fall, on the cover of Ms. magazine, liberal feminism officially jumped the shark with their ‘We Had Abortions’ edition.

Tennessee’s evangelical voters turn out in force White evangelical or born-again Christians proved they remain a considerable force in Tennessee elections on Tuesday.

From Russia, no love for ‘Borat’ movie Borat may be banned in Russia. A government agency said it would refuse to grant permission for Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial movie.
Mass. gay marriage debate resumes Legislators were meeting Thursday on whether voters should get a chance to end gay marriage in the only state that allows it

President’s Evasion Raises Truth Issues Did the president of the United States make a rare admission on national television that he had told an untruth?

Robert M. Gates Profile On Nov. 8, 2006, President Bush announced he would nominate Robert Gates, president of Texas A&M University and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, to succeed Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense.

Only a Minor Earthquake How serious is the “thumpin’ ” the Republicans took on Tuesday? Losing one house is significant but hardly historic. Losing both houses, however, is defeat of a different order of magnitude, the equivalent in a parliamentary system of a vote of no confidence.

Bridge to Somewhere The House GOP needs a new generation of leaders.

The New Missionaries Rather than going to Africa to help the people there, celebrities are bringing them home.

The Bible–in Longhand The first handwritten Bible in half a millennium. As Donald Jackson, the former scribe for Queen Elizabeth, tells it, he approached the Benedictine monks of Saint John’s University in central Minnesota in 1995 with the idea of writing and illustrating the Gospels to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of Christ’s birth. Two years later, the monks agreed to an even larger project, commissioning Mr. Jackson to handwrite and illustrate the whole Old and New Testaments at a cost of $4.5 million

Animals Seem to Have a Sense of Fairness Where does the human sense of equality and social justice come from? Scientists are finding amazing precursors to it in animals.


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