In the News: 11/9/06

The clash of the red-hot mamasA mother is in a dispute with the producers of a reality-TV show over the term “hot mom.” Here’s an example of pagan patriarchy at its finest.

Rumsfeld and nominee in sharp contrast WASHINGTON — In turning to former CIA Director Robert M. Gates to take the reins at the Pentagon, President Bush has selected a low-key loyalist who is in many ways the opposite of outgoing Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Conservative leaders plan a comeback A group of business, religious and political figures says the GOP can refocus on its key issues and win again.

Gay-marriage votes get diverse spins from activists Arizona defeats a ban on the unions, but seven states pass them. Supporters on both sides see progress.

Mustache may bristle with popularity again Will the mustache rise from the stubble? Maligned as the fashion statement of Larry the Cable Guy, the ‘stache is itching for a glorious comeback. Blame it on Borat.

Joel C. Hunter: Where do evangelicals go from here? Last week the evangelical world was rocked by scandal. I remember the last scandals we had on this scale. Almost 20 years ago, Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart also confessed to sexual immorality. I cringed at what the church must now ask: “What will be the legacy of a fallen leader? What should be the effect on the church?”

Second time, same result for teen abortion law Proposition 85, which would have required doctors to notify a parent or guardian before performing an abortion on a girl under 18, went down to defeat Tuesday by 54 percent to 46 percent. The margin was 3 percentage points wider than the 2005 version of the measure, Proposition 73.

Democrats seize control of U.S. Senate as AP calls VA race for Webb WASHINGTON (AP) — In a rout once considered almost inconceivable, Democrats won a 51st seat in the Senate and regained total control of Congress after 12 years of near-domination by the Republican Party.

‘Pilate’s Wife’: The birth of Christianity, with a feminist twist This new books details the birth of Christianity from a feminist perspective based on the character of Pilate’s wife.

Wal-Mart wishes you a Merry Christmas Wal-Mart will put “Christmas” back into the holidays this year, the retailer plans to announce Thursday. A year after religious and other groups boycotted retailers, including Wal-Mart for downplaying Christmas, the world’s largest retail chain will have an in-your-face Christmas theme this year.

Haggard begins spiritual ‘restoration’ After tumbling from the pinnacle of the American evangelical movement amid allegations he snorted meth and cavorted with a male prostitute, Haggard has agreed to a rehabilitation process that could last three to five years.

N.C. principal apologizes for Nazi speech played over speakers before soccer gamePart of a Nazi leader’s speech was played over the public address system before a high school soccer game, prompting an apology by the home team’s principal.

Woman fatally bitten by snake in churchA woman who was bitten by a snake at a church that neighbors say practices serpent handling died of her wounds hours later, a newspaper reported. Handling reptiles as part of religious services is illegal in Kentucky. Snake handling is a misdemeanor and punishable by a $50 to $100 fine.

Gays, Communion, music on tap at Catholic bishops’ meeting The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops, headed to their annual fall meeting on Monday, face an agenda of fraught topics including proposed guidelines for ministering to homosexuals, a document on Communion and rules for deciding the songs Catholics may sing at Mass.

Number of students taking online courses risesRoughly one in six students enrolled in higher education — about 3.2 million people — took at least one online course last year.

Elections help sort out playing field for 2008 The elections this week transformed not only Congress but the playing field for the 2008 presidential race.

India unleashes eunuchs on tax cheats Eunuchs in eastern India were drafted by authorities to sing outside the homes of tax evaders to embarrass them into paying up.

No Pointers to Ruling in Abortion Case Two hours of oral argument on a federal “partial birth” abortion ban at the Supreme Court yesterday showed that the justices are intensely focused on the procedure’s medical details and health implications — but produced few clues as to how they might rule.

Group Can Seek White House, FDA Records About Plan B Pill A federal magistrate judge has ruled that a reproductive-rights group can seek White House e-mails and other documents as part of its lawsuit promoting broader access to the “morning-after” pill.

Republican Blindness With one Republican bastion after another falling as returns poured in for Democrats Tuesday night, the GOP’s carefully constructed defenses crumbled. The party’s barriers failed to prevent the election from being a referendum on Iraq, George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress. It was a failure of concept as well as execution.


One thought on “In the News: 11/9/06

  1. phil!

    love your news compilations! im glad to let someone else do the digging for me…

    one note: you may consider not linking to news sources that require readers to register with them, to read their content. i may be the only one out there like this, but i become indignant when websites force me to register for stuff…even if it is free… (ie., etc.)

    rock on bro.,

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