In the News: 11/2/06

Wash. woman unexpectedly has baby boy Amanda Brisendine attributed the 30 pounds she gained in the past year to an abandoned smoking habit and rich food. So when she went to the hospital with sharp stomach pain, she wasn’t expecting to leave with a newborn son.

Military Pressed Over Expressions of Faith The U.S. military is being buffeted by dueling legal claims over religion, with one set of plaintiffs contending that the Pentagon is suppressing evangelical Christianity and another set arguing just the opposite — that the brass gives the most aggressive evangelicals free rein to proselytize on the job.

Court Says Consensual Sex Can’t Become Rape While deliberating on a rape case in December 2004, a Montgomery County jury asked the judge the following question: If a woman agrees to have sex, but while having intercourse changes her mind and withdraws consent, is she being raped if the man doesn’t stop?

Gay Episcopal bishop says communities of faith may be at crossroads Gay clergy and same-sex marriage, among issues roiling his Episcopal and other denominations, may cause major shifts, V. Gene Robinson says.

Epidemic of foot-in-mouth afflicts candidates this year washington — When the dust clears after election day, 2006 may be remembered as the year of the offhand remark.

Giving back, big timeToday’s billionaires are heeding Carnegie’s idea that ‘the man who dies thus rich dies disgraced’ as they open their pocketbooks in philanthropy.

Young pastor says he’s ‘an agent of change’ Jake Larson, at age 30, is the youngest pastor ever at Arcade Church in Sacramento area.

Kerry Offers Apology To Troops Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) issued two apologies for remarks that seemed to impugn U.S. troops and abandoned his public schedule yesterday, but he denounced what he called the “campaign of smear and fear” against him as the surreal sequel to the 2004 presidential election echoed across the campaign trail.

Allen’s Fumbles, Romney’s Gain Even before the votes are counted, over the Republican Party a “thick darkness broodeth” — words from a Victorian hymn, for a party with a Victorian tendency. But one Republican, who is not running for anything this year, will emerge from this bruising season with enlarged prospects. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s hopes for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination have been enhanced by Virginia Sen. George Allen’s difficulties.


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