Bearing the Weight of a College Education

Reuters reports on two college trends you always knew to be true…first, college makes you fatter (that’s why they call it the freshman 15) and, second, women care more about their weight than men:

Women are more likely to think they need to lose weight than men are, and more likely to diet, a new study of college students shows.

Eating habits tend to worsen in the young adult years, and college students often eat too much fat and sodium and too few fruits and vegetables…

Some stats from the report:

  • Among men, 45.2 percent were overweight or obese, compared to 13.9 percent of women
  • But 57.4 percent of the women said they needed to lose weight, compared to 28.6 percent of the men.
  • Women were more likely than men to say they ate too much sugar (59.7 percent vs 41.9 percent)
  • Women were more likely than men to say that it’s important to limit carbohydrate consumption (46.4 percent vs 27.6 percent)
  • Among the women, 71.4 percent agreed that it is important to eat less fat to lose weight, while 52.4 percent of held this omen.
  • Among men, 79.1 percent said they had never tried dieting, compared to 65.6 percent of women.

One thought on “Bearing the Weight of a College Education

  1. I feel like it is my duty to fully use the measure of my education and point out a fact that is rarely considered pertaining to young college women’s weight gain. During the late teens and early twenties, women’s bodies shift into a different state–namely one that will prepare them best for childbirth. This mainly manifests itself in 2 ways: hip widening and weight gain. To boil it down, babies do not do well physically if their mothers have tiny hips and are underweight. The strain that children place on a mother’s body is great and if they don’t have a good starting point the effects could be harmful to both mother and child. Now, the natural effects of this change are no license to eat freely, but I do want to issue it as an encouragement to the ladies out there who are wondering about the state of their body.


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