The Corruption of the University

Dr. Albert Mohler discusses the corruption of the university. Case in point, sex week at Yale University:

The university lies in ruins. The character of the university has been corrupted and, in turn, the university now threatens to corrupt, rather than to educate the young.

Consider the fact that Yale University — founded in 1701 as an orthodox alternative to the more liberal Harvard — is now boasting of its status as the nation’s top university when it comes to what is now called “sexual health.”

…Sex Week at Yale is now a legendary experience in debauchery. As the university’s press release explained, the week “is dedicated to the exploration of love, sex, intimacy, and relationships at Yale University. This biennial week, currently in its sixth year, has one mission: To get young people talking about sex and sexuality as they experience it everyday. In other words, Sex Week aspires to create a national, ongoing dialogue about the disconnect between what young people are taught about sex in school and in society, and what they actually experience.” We can’t even begin to discuss what they are experiencing.


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