College Narcissism: Me, Myself and iPod

The explosion of blogs, iPod’s, and social networking sites among young people may be a sign of a growing narcicism among younger generations. According to W. Keith Campbell, a psychology professor at the University of Georgia who has been studying narcissism among young people, ““About every indicator is that people are getting more self-absorbed,”” a trend he attributes to “hyper-materialism” and “hyper-individualism.” Some stats from his research:

  • Forty-five percent of college freshman in 1960 named “being well-off” as a goal. By 2004, 74 percent of students beginning college held this goal.
  • The trend also can be seen among high school youth. Twelve percent of teens in the 1950s agreed with the statement, “I am an important person,” while 80 percent agreed with the same statement in 1980 according to Campbell’s data.

(HT: Christian Mind)


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