You’re Fired: Why Southern Baptist Ministers were Fired in 2005

Donald Trump might be proud, but you might be shocked. Lifeway is out with a candid report detailing why Southern Baptist ministers were fired in 2005. What are the top 5 reasons for parting paths?

  1. Control issues (who’s going to run the church)
  2. Poor people skills
  3. Churches’ resistance to change
  4. Pastor’s leadership style being too strong
  5. Churches already in conflict when the pastor arrived

If you notice the trend in this list, all are relational issues. It is interesting to note that our seminaries may do an excellent job of equipping us for ministry theologically, but they do little in the way of preparing us for ministry relationally.

While I am in no way pinning all the blame on the seminaries (you have to factor in the minister’s personality, situation at the church, etc.), I do believe that reports such as this (which, according to the article, has been consistently the same for 10 years) should cause the seminaries to reevaluate their approach to relational equipping.


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