Breaking Up the Easy Way

We now have millions of people trying to cash in on the American dating system through matchmaking services like But, until now, it seems as if no one has tried to capitalize on the market for breakups. Why break up with your significant other when you can pay someone to dump them for you?

Breaking up is hard to do, and nobody knows that better than Bernd Dressler.

That’s why he set up what he calls a “separation agency” to make the jilting of lovers a more sanitary affair for those who desire a split but can’t be bothered to do the dirty work.

Dressler, a German businessman, will dump your significant other for you by phone for 20 euros (about $25) or in person for 50 (about $64), BBC News reports.

“We have had dating agencies for 30 years. If you want to have a new partnership then you have to quit your previous one. I think it’s the same market — just in reverse,” Dressler said.

Dressler says his breakups come in two models: sincere or direct. All the client needs to do is provide three reasons they want to end the relationship and Dressler will deliver the oft-unwelcome news in the tone of their choosing.

Rumor has it that Facebook has contacted him about doing breakups through their website. The reported price break down is as follows:

  • by Facebook message–$10
  • by Facebook note–$20
  • by Facebook Wall Post–$40 (hey, if you want the public humiliation, you’ve got to pay for it!)

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