Multi Site Churches on the Rise

A recent Mark Driscoll post reports on the explosion of multi-site churches. The first book written on the subject is The Multi-Site Church Revolution, which says:

  • Well over 1,500 churches are already multi-site.
  • One out of four megachurches [a megachurch is a church of 2,000 or more in attendance] is holding services at multiple locations.
  • One out of three churches says it is thinking about developing a new service in a new location.
  • The multi-site movement is represented in every area of the country, across many denominations, and in churches of all sizes, especially those with attendances of 250 and up.
  • We predict that 30,000 American churches will be multi-site within the next few years, which means one or more multi-site churches will probably be in your area.
  • Nine of the ten largest churches in the U.S. are multi-site with the only exception being Lakewood Church with Joel Osteen in Houston, Texas.

If these stats are true, then multi-site churches are here to stay. Are they good? Are they bad? They are neither good nor bad in themselves but merely another ministry strategy. The real question that needs to be asked is, are they best?


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