Gender Matters in Education

A new study is out confirming a discovery that you always suspected to be true: Boys learn more from men and girls learn more from women. Here are some findings surrounding the study:

  • The proportion of male teachers is at its lowest level in 40 years
  • Roughly 80 percent of teachers in U.S. public schools are women
  • Having a female teacher instead of a male teacher raised the achievement of girls and lowered that of boys in science, social studies and English
  • The study found switching up teachers actually could narrow achievement gaps between boys and girls, but one gender would gain at the expense of the other
  • With a female teacher, boys were more likely to be seen as disruptive. Girls were less likely to be considered inattentive or disorderly
  • In a class taught by a man, girls were more likely to say the subject was not useful for their future. They were less likely to look forward to the class or to ask questions

The insight of scripture on gender roles in teaching coincides with these findings. Paul sets the discipleship precedent for men to teach men (2 Timothy 2:2) and women to teach women (Titus 2:3-5). The important thing to note is that Paul didn’t establish this pattern merely for reasons of educational effectiveness but also for reasons rooted in the gender roles established by God in the created order. In other words, God did not create this teaching pattern because it is effective, this teaching pattern is effective because God created it.


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