How Americans Perceive Themselves

The Barna Group has released a ‘Profile of How Americans See Themselves‘. Here are some of the most interesting stats:

Often described as “the most religious people on earth,” most Americans “feel accepted by God” (88%), see themselves as “deeply spiritual” (62%) and believe they can be accurately described as “a fulltime servant of God” (59%).

Americans describe their personal faith in various ways. While more than eight out of ten (84%) view themselves as Christian, a lesser but significant majority label themselves as a “committed Christian” (60%). Within that framework, people’s self-identity includes 45% who call themselves a “born again Christian,” 42% who claim to be an “evangelical Christian” and one out of four who adopt the label “charismatic or Pentecostal Christian” (26%).

In each of its surveys, The Barna Group defines a person as being born again if they indicate they have “made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ” that is important in their life today, and who believe that when they die they will go to Heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Based on that definition, rather than people calling themselves “born again,” the study found that adults who fit the more detailed definition of born again differed from non-born again adults on various self-perceptions.

Americans’ Self-Perceptions

Perception born again non-born again
Deeply Spiritual 79% 47%
A fulltime servant of God 79% 43%
Born again Christian 77% 20%
Committed Christian 86% 45%
Evangelical Christian 68% 22%
Feel accepted by God 98% 79%
An effective parent 76% 64%
Clear about the meaning and purpose of their life 86% 78%
Making a positive difference in the world 88% 75%
Concerned about the nation’s moral condition 94% 80%
Very convinced they are right about things in life 58% 47%

(HT: Jesus Creed)


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