Spotlight on David Platt

David Platt

Christianity Today spotlights Pastor David Platt, 28, who will speak at next year’s Glorieta College Week.

At 28, Pastor Has Five Degrees and a 4,300 member flock. Platt has five college degrees, including a doctorate and two master’s degrees from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Georgia.

While his bio may be impressive, the main reason I enjoy him is his heart for the nations:

In sermons, Platt draws on his travels to Indonesia, where he has led pastors’ conferences, taught seminary courses and visited earthquake survivors. He’s also visited Sudan, China and India. He and his wife plan to go to Kazakhstan to adopt a child this year. “The Christian life is not to be lived in seclusion from the rest of the world, it’s to be lived in the middle of the world,” Platt said. “My mission is to make disciples of all nations and mobilize other people to do the same.”

It is great to see the way that God is working in him and through him. You can listen to some of his sermons here.


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