Glorieta: The Cost of the Call

Jeff Iorg walked through the geneology of Jesus in Matthew 1 to deal with the subject ‘who God chooses and uses.’ There are five types of people that God chooses and uses:

  • God calls unexpected people
  • God calls immoral people (Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba)
  • God calls anonymous people (Perez, Hezron, Ram, Salmon, Obed)
    • Every person is significant to God. There are no anonymous people to Him.
  • God calls inconsistent people (Abraham, David)
  • God calls steady people (Amminidab, Nashon, Boaz)

When God calls you, it often requires sacrifice. When Jesus called the disciples in the gospels to follow Him, it provided a great picture of what this sacrifice looks like. There are several types of sacrifices that take place to pursue your calling.

  • Sacrifice your self esteem
  • Sacrifice your financial standing
  • Sacrifice your extended family intimacy

The response of obedience to the call and the joy you receive from the call far outshine these sacrifices. We see it in the lives of the disciples, and it is sure to be true in your life when you walk well in what God has called you to.


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