Wasting Time at Work

Companies are nearly as good at wasting money as they are at making money. This according to a newly released AOL survey documenting wasted time at work. Here are the percentages of people surveyed who engage in the top time-wasting activities:

Top Time-Wasting Activities
1 Surfing Internet (personal use)
2 Socializing with co-workers
3 Running errands off-premises
4 Spacing out
5 Making personal phone calls
6 Arriving late / Leaving early
7 Applying for other jobs

You can compare this report to the top time-wasting activities from 2005. With all this time wasted by employees, just how much is it costing companies?

Adding It All Up
Per Hour
Per Day
Per Year
Average hrs. American worker actually wastes
1.86 hrs.
Average hrs. American workers are expected to waste by HR
.94 hrs.
Difference between expected and actual time wasted
.92 hrs.
239 hrs.
Average American worker’s annual salary
Total salary dollars wasted per employee
Total number of American workers (non-farm)
135 million
Total salary cost to companies
$544 billion

While this survey was conducted for wasted time by employees of American companies, I wonder what a similar survey would look like that was conducted about wasted time by American evangelicals for the Kingdom of God. What would be the top 7 time wasters for Christians? I would enjoy your thoughts in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Wasting Time at Work

  1. it may sound heretical, but i think the number one time waster for american evangelicals would be church acivities. We can, and do, fill up our lives completely with things like group bible studies and “fellowship” events until we dont have even one evening in the week to spare for spending time in prayer, or preaching the gospel. If you look at a typical christian college student, their schedule outside of class is stuffed full of church events. These things are good, dont get me wrong, but there needs to be a balance.

    another big one would be “trying to figure out what God’s will is”. By this i mean sitting still, accomplishing nothing for the kingdom, while we talk about praying about where God wants us to go. We ignore the general commands in scripture for the direction of our lives in favor of a more personalized invitation to go to such-and-such place or do such-and-such thing. we waste years doing that.

    number three would be blogging.
    just kidding.

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