Southern Baptist Fraud

Though I am reluctant to do it because it doesn’t place the SBC in a favorable light, I want to call your attention to this Washington Post article:

Two former executives of a failed Southern Baptist foundation were convicted here Monday in what prosecutors said was the nation’s largest fraud ever targeting members of a religious group.

William Pierre Crotts, who was president of the Baptist Foundation of Arizona, and Thomas Dale Grabinski, the group’s former chief legal counsel, were each convicted of three counts of fraud and one count of conducting an illegal enterprise in a scheme that lasted decades and cheated 11,000 investors across the country of about $585 million.

To put this in perspective, the scheme was not an SBC wide effort. However, I call your attention to it because of the reminder it can be to all of us–not of the dangers inherent in money, but of the dangers inherent in fallen (even if redeemed) people handling money.


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