Way Too Proud of Texas Guy

Missions Blog links to a funny ad. From the site:

“Bud Light, man that seems like a horrible way to start a post, has turned their humor on my home state with this latest “Real Men of Genious” advertisment. I in no way endorse their products, am recommending you enjoy an ice cold Bud Light, and no I don’t drink.

“With that all said, click here for the 30 second commercial about the “Way to Proud of Texas Guy.” My friend replied to me this morning with “i totally know our state bird and tree and reptile.” Its funny cause its true.

“Not really about missions, but we can all use a good laugh. As a marketing major, I can have my little “why do beer companies have the most creative advertising” tirade some time. I could also add the “why does it seem that Christian advertising is always a slight variation of some other thing that is already out there?” tirade.”

For those of you from Texas, those of you who wish you could be from Texas, or those of you who wish that people from Texas would just shut up about their state, this ad is for you.


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