Southern Baptist Gossip

Dr. Moore unleashes some juicy gossip about Dr. Mohler’s checkered theological past. The 1980’s was a rough time theologically for the SBC in general and Mohler in particular.

In a related story, Dr. Mohler discusses an article about new SBC president Frank Page who affirmed the validity of women as pastors in his doctoral dissertation. About 20 years ago, like Mohler, Page changed his mind and affirms the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message’s declaration that the pastorate is reserved for men only.


2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Gossip

  1. “As Mohler shows, a change of mind is not a scandal for a Christian. As a matter of fact, the Christian is commanded to judge constantly every thought and opinion against the truth of the Word of God. That means sometimes our minds will be changed. It’s called repentance. “
    — I think more Southern Baptists should hear this quote…

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