How to do ‘Party Evangelism’

Here’s an interesting set of blog posts from Jesus Creed about an evangelism strategy that Central Baptist’s college ministry has been using with International student outreach. Party Evangelism, is exactly what it sounds like: a party that serves as an evangelistic tool towards the un-churched.”
What is Party Evangelism?
Party Evangelism: An Unchurched Perspective

Party Evangelism: A Churched Perspective


2 thoughts on “How to do ‘Party Evangelism’

  1. interesting for sure — i am of course all for the idea, having seen the incredible impact it has had on the international community in our neighborhood.

    but im also going to have to side with a lot of the people who commented on those posts and say “do we really have to give this a special name?” Is this not just evangelism, plain and simple? inviting international students over to our house for dinner (whether on the big sat. night events or for smaller more personal dinners throughout the week) isnt some sort of project or program — it’s just who we (christians) are. its not something special, really, and while i know in todays church culture everything has to be a program and have a catchy name, it just kinda rubs me the wrong way.

    but hey — by whatever name, its a good idea!

  2. I think you are right that this is simply another form of natural outreach and evangelism. hence, it doesn’t need a special name. However, I think it is good to call to people’s attention the fact that things as common in our society as parties can be used for great commission purposes. I am encouraged by that idea. Thanks for the thoughts.

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