Stemming a Debate

With the Senate set to vote on a controversial embryonic stem cell bill this week, do yourself a favor by checking out Evangelical Outpost’s commentary on the topic.

It is important to realize that there is more to being pro-life than being anti-abortion. It includes the unwavering defense of all embryos. Allowing funding for any stage of embryonic stem cell research by the government opens a slippery slope to future life-debasing behavior.


One thought on “Stemming a Debate

  1. Amen. And for an opportunity to fight this battle on the homefront (at least in College Station) – stop by the Coalition for Life office on East 29th. street in Bryan. We’re always looking for volunteers and prayer warriors – and we could definately use some additional Protestantial* influences. (*- not a word…I know…but it fit) 😉

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