Lucrative College Degrees

CNN Money reports on the most lucrative college degrees:

  • Hospitality services management: Up 9.7 percent to $36,480
  • Business administration/management: Up 6.3 percent to $42,048, thanks to investment banks that were paying an average of $53,277
  • Accounting: Up 5.5 percent to $45,656
  • Economics/finance: Up 5.1 percent to $45,112, again thanks to a high number of offers from investment banks and also financial services companies.
  • Information sciences and systems: Up 8.5 percent to $48,593
  • Civil engineering: Up 5.4 percent to $46,023
  • Chemical engineering: Up 4.7 percent to $56,335, thanks to a large number of starting offers averaging $58,456 from petroleum and coal products manufacturers. Those manufacturers may also be responsible for the 12.3 percent jump in the starting salaries of those who majored in geology and related sciences. They are earning an average of $44,191.

The article also documents which majors have salaries that are not keeping up with inflation, including some on the decline:

  • Computer engineering: Up 2.3 percent to $53,651
  • Electrical engineering: Up 3.2 percent to $53,552
  • Mechanical engineering: Up 3 percent to $51,732
  • History: Up 3.1 percent to $32,697
  • Psychology: Up 1.2 percent to $30,218
  • Communications: Down 0.4 percent to $31,876
  • Political science and government: Down 2.6 percent to $32,665
  • Sociology: Down 2.7 percent to $30,944
  • English: Down 4.1 percent to $30,906

(HT: Educated Nation)


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