Do what you love or do what they need?

Education Nation reports on the contrast between Princeton Review’s top 10 most popular majors and the top 10 most highly demanded majors.

Most popular majors:

1. Business Administration & Management
2. Psychology
3. Elementary Education
4. Biology
5. Nursing
6. Education
7. English
8. Communications
9. Computer Science
10. Political Science

Most highly demanded majors:

1. Accounting
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Business Administration / Management
5. Economics / Finance
6. Computer Science
7. Computer Engineering
8. Marketing / Marketing Management
9. Chemical Engineering
10. Information Sciences & Systems

I am proud to know that my undergrad major in accounting is the most highly coveted. If they didn’t have people like me getting accounting degrees and then going into ministry, there would be less demand for accountants I suppose.

The real question in looking at a list like this is…do you major in what you love or in what they need?


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