Phi Beta Cons announces that “the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction against Southern Illinois University requiring the university to “recognize” the Christian Legal Society. This case presented yet another example of a university using an expansive nondiscrimination policy to “derecognize” a Christian organization that had the audacity to require that its voting members and leaders be, well, Christian and had the audacity to apply traditional Christian sexual morality to those members and leaders (no adultery, fornication, or homosexual sexual behavior).”

Is this a big deal? “It is difficult to overstate the importance of this ruling. Over the last five years, dozens of universities have either tossed (or attempted to toss) Christian groups from campus because those groups limit membership to Christians or impose rules of conduct on their members. These actions have represented a fundamental threat to religious expression, and lawsuits have been filed against Rutgers University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Penn State, Washburn College, the University of Minnesota, Cal State, Hastings, and others in an effort to maintain an evangelical Christian presence on campus. While the vast majority of cases have settled favorably, there has been at least one adverse ruling (at Hastings). Against this backdrop, the Seventh Circuit’s ruling is a critical rebuke to university efforts to outlaw orthodox Christianity.”


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