Preaching on Tour: A Beer, a Bar and a Bible

You can grab a beer as you lend an ear to pastor Rob Bell who has embarked on a 21 city speaking tour this summer to take his 100-minute (not a typo) message “Everything is Spiritual” to the night clubs and bars of America’s cities. The idea of taking a “spiritual message” to the nightclubs is not novel. I have heard of several Christian singers doing concerts to those crowds. But, I have never heard of someone doing it without some form of musical entertainment.

While the idea may not be inherently bad, I wonder if it is the most redeeming use of time. Who knows which would be more effective for the Kingdom this summer…100 minute talks at bars to 500 or making the rounds at the Christian camp & festival scene making 25 minute talks to 1000’s?

After reading Velvit Elvis and teaching through the Nooma video series, I have consistently found Rob Bell communicating very effectively to our culture. However, I have also learned of the need to treat his content like a spiritual buffet…take what you like and leave the rest. (HT: Christian Mind)


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