Childhood Obesity and Sin

These days, fat kids are often referred to by doctors as “at risk of overweight”. Rather than admit the current status of heftiness, they simply allude to the potential for portliness in the future. However, doctors are starting to change their tune; indicating a shift to referring to them as overweight or obese.

In our politically correct world, the priority of self esteem protection often exceeds that of truth telling. If doctors aren’t serious enough to call obesity what it is, how do they expect for children to deal with it?

I find a striking parallel in this situation to the problem of sin. There is a hesitation in our politically correct society to call sin for what it is. We would rather call something unethical or immoral than to call it sin. 

Furthermore, people are not going to effectively deal with their sin problem until they embrace the fact that they have a sin problem.


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