Double Standards

FIRE details several instances of double standards for religious students in American Universities. (Note: some of the descriptions use graphic language. Read at your own risk.)


2 thoughts on “Double Standards

  1. As an American of course I’m not happy that these things happened, but more importantly, Jesus said that those who suffer persecution for His name’s sake are blessed–regardless of whether they feel blessed. As Paris Reidhead so eloquently said back in 1963, “we’d better learn how to worship alone in quiet because before you are too many years older that you have to–if you worship at all.”

    And indeed–I believe it’s God’s desire that we worship alone in quiet whether we face persecution or not. The right to worship God in spirit and in truth cannot ever be taken by a government or authority on this earth–their power is only over the body.

    As a Christian I hate when people slander Jesus as in one of those examples, but I have to remember that they are sinners for whom Christ died–just as I am. If people desire to fight this denial of our religious rights politically that’s their decision, but I never see Jesus doing such a thing. It’s clear to me that in the battle we fight our wepons are not political, but spiritual, and as such we need to be following the example Jesus set for us because without Him we can do nothing.

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