Calvinism vs. Arminianism at the SBC

Al Mohler squared off with Paige Patterson in a debate discussing calvinism and evangelism. You can read a synopsis of the debate here. See also this report. And this one. (HT: Reformation 21)

Update: Read the Baptist Press news release about the debate here.


2 thoughts on “Calvinism vs. Arminianism at the SBC

  1. I must object…your title was a little It’s not like Patterson is an arch-arminianist or anything. And besides, from the transcription, Mohler seemed to almost claim him as a unknowing Calvinist anyways…whether Paige liked it or not! hehe

    And athough I loved the debate, I think next Convention they should have a fist fight, and debate theology at the same time….that would bring back some Convention 2000 memories…

  2. I have so say, this one offered some great distraction from my job yesterday.

    Phil, I’m really looking forward to roadtriping with Rogers and Grimme once you and Cami get all moved…

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