Blog U. 6/1/06

Linkers and Thinkers, Evangelical Outpost — Bloggers tend to be unfairly lumped into two distinct camps of “thinkers”, those who write original content, and “linkers”, those who simply link to other articles or blog posts. Few bloggers, though, are exclusively linkers or thinkers and most combine a mixed approach to blogging. Still, just as some bloggers tend to produce compelling, original analysis or thought-provoking opinion pieces, others have a gift for shepherding readers to the material that matters most.


2 thoughts on “Blog U. 6/1/06

  1. So what would you consider yourself Phil? Linker or Thinker…lol. I’ve personally become a Blinker…the blogger who just sits and reads others without paying respect to his own…! Either way…keep linking and thinking for us brother!

  2. Hank, how about a thlinker? A little bit of both. I enjoy passing on links that have challenged me, but my greatest joy is relaying to others what God has shown to me.

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