On the Links: 5/26/06


Study: Parents Encouraging Children to Watch TV, Fox News — One-third of America’s youngest children — babies through age 6 — live in homes where the television is on almost all the time, says a study that highlights the immense disconnect between what pediatricians’ advice and what parents allow. TV in the bedroom is not even that rare for the littlest tots anymore. Almost one child in five under 2 has a set, even though the American Academy of Pediatrics advises against any TV watching at that age. Eight in 10 children younger than 6 watch TV, play video games or use the computer on a typical day.

Interns? No Bloggers Need Apply, The New York Times — Should college interns and recent college grads take up the effort to blog there work experiences? Blogging on the job can get you fired (and lead you to bigger and better things) according to this article. Blog at your own risk.

Teens’ Heavy Cellphone Use Could Signal Unhappiness, Study Finds, The Los Angeles Times — A survey of 575 South Korean high school students found that the top third of users — students who used their phones more than 90 times a day — frequently did so because they were unhappy or bored….Two of every five youths in the U.S. from ages 8 to 18 have a cellphone, according to a recent survey. Students in grades seven through 12 spend an average of an hour a day on their cellphones — about the same time they devote to homework.

Nike, Apple Hooking Runners Up To iPods, The San Francisco Chronicle — The two popular brands announced Tuesday a jointly developed technology for runners to track on their iPod Nano how far they’ve run and how many calories they’ve burned during their workout.


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