What was college like before facebook?

I was on campus for lunch recently and a freshman student posed the following question to me: what was college like before facebook? Apparently, my time in college where instant messaging and cell phones (pre-text messaging) were king seemed archaic to him.
If you have been asleep for the past two years and don’t know, facebook is an online social network that primarily targets college age students. My friend couldn’t fathom the idea of life in college without this helpful, time sucking tool. So what was my response?

I told him, “before facebook, we actually communicated with people in person!” It’s funny though–I did actually have to sit there and think for awhile. While I may not be as active on the site as some students, facebook has become an important part of my life and ministry to college students.

My freshman friend was simply recognizing an important truth–when something comes into your life and totally shifts how you operate on a day to day basis, it is hard to remember and appreciate what things were like before that change occurred.

The same is true of Christ. What was your life like before you met Jesus? It’s a difficult question for many of us to answer. Why? In addition to it being so long ago for some and it happening so early on to others, it’s hard to recall this stage of life because meeting Jesus has truly shifted how you operate on a day to day basis. The Spirit-filled life is what is now normal to you.
It is good to remember what life was like before you met Jesus for several reasons:

  • It helps you to appreciate what you have been saved from
  • It helps you to sense some urgency in reaching out to the lost
  • It helps you to remember the lifestyle and thought processes of non-believers so you can better engage them with the gospel
  • It helps you to praise God for the goodness of His grace

What was your life like before you met Jesus? Spend some time in reflection and rejoicing as you dwell on that today!


6 thoughts on “What was college like before facebook?

  1. Hey Phillip,
    Thanks for the post…truth be told, I didn’t know about facebook until about 2 weeks ago. But I have not been asleep for the past 2 years…and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that I’ve been missing out.
    I dropped you a line last week; did you get it?
    “Praise God for the goodness of His grace!”
    Have a great day!

  2. to aurelie, i got your note the other day. we are going to be in and out of town for the whole summer until we leave in July. So, if you are coming to town, let us know when and we will see if we will be there. we looked at your blog & the baby pictures are way cute.

    to mom: you are probably not currently on facebook, but we could get you signed up pretty easily if you want to.

    to meghan: facebook is to real person as Jesus is to real social network.

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