Blog U. 5/9/06

The Blog Phi Beta Cons has had some excellent posts recently on the unfolding drama happening at many state universities in their never ending quest to curtail religious liberty. In fact, the first entry comes from UNC-Chapel Hill where Texas A&M’s own Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Bresciani, used to work.  
A Court Ruling in North Carolina, Phi Beta Cons — Late yesterday we received word that a federal judge in North Carolina had dismissed a Christian fraternity’s lawsuit against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (My employer, the Alliance Defense Fund, represents the fraternity). This decision represents the latest chapter in UNC’s long-running battle against religious liberty on campus. The public first became aware of UNC’s disrespect for basic First Amendment rights in late 2002 when it sought to “de-recognize” (a university euphemism for “ban”) several Christian groups because those groups reserved leadership for, gasp, Christians. After the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education launched a highly effective public campaign, the university backed away.


Universities Prove Maggie Right, Phi Beta Cons — Maggie Gallagher’s cover story in this week’s Weekly Standard is an absolute must read. As Stanley Kurtz noted in the Corner this morning, Maggie has opened a “whole new dimension” to the debate over same-sex marriage. While I encourage you to read Maggie’s entire article, this paragraph from Stanley’s post is an excellent summary:

Scholars on the left and right agree that the gay marriage movement has raised the specter of a massive and protracted battle over religious liberty. In states that adopt same-sex marriage, religious liberty is clearly going to lose. The source of the problem is the flawed analogy between the battle for same-sex marriage and the sixties movement for civil rights. Gay marriage proponents argue that sexual orientation is like race, and that opponents of same-sex marriage are therefore like bigots who oppose interracial marriage. Once same-sex marriage becomes law, that understanding will be controlling.

To see the truth of this prediction, one need only look at college campuses — where the comparison of the same-sex marriage battle to the civil-rights struggles of the Sixties is the dominant paradigm. To the campus establishment, there is no functional or moral difference between an evangelical Christian proponent of traditional Judeo-Christian sexual morality and George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door. As a consequence, over the last five years, Christians have begun to experience an avalanche of persecution on campus. Since the case Maggie mentioned at Tufts University where the university ejected the Tufts Christian Fellowship from campus without due process for the “crime” of requiring that its leaders agree with the Biblical standards of evangelical Christianity, dozens of major universities have either taken similar action or threatened to. Lawsuits have been filed at UNC Chapel Hill, Penn State, Rutgers, Ohio State, the University of Minnesota, Arizona State, Southern Illinois, and elsewhere challenging the application of expansive nondiscrimination policies to Christian student groups.  


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