On the Links: 5/3/06

White Guilt And The Western Past, The Wall Street Journhal (Shelby Steele) — Everone is talking about this article so make sure you check it out. Here’s the way Justin Taylor explains the article: Shelby Steele, in yet another compelling essay, connects white guilt (which is “a vacuum of moral authority visited on the present by the shames of the past”) with the inability of US leaders to do what is truly necessary to solve difficult problems–like war, race relations, education, and immigration–for fear of losing their legitimacy. It is well worth the read.   

Feds: Data Correction Erases Global-Warming Doubts, Fox News — If you thought the discussions on global warming might go away, think again. Apparently, whatever data that was casting doubt on the theory of global warming has been reconciled. See for yourself.

Going The Behavior Route, The Washington Post — Drug Safety Fears Are Fueling New Interest in Behavioral Therapy for Kids With ADHD. The Rewards Are Real — So Are the Demands on Parents’ Time and Energy 


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